Located on historic Del Paso Blvd in Old North Sacramento - the Burly Beverages Gift Shop & Tasting Room is open for business!

The Burly Beverages Gift Shop & Tasting Room strives to provide the greater Sacramento region with a unique retail and culinary experience.

In the Gift Shop you'll find tools for the home mixologist from shakers and stir spoons to funky ice cube molds and mule mugs. You'll find bar syrups, bitters, drinking vinegars, shrubs and cocktail mixers from all over the U.S. You'll find a display loaded with artisan food products and handmade crafts that are made right here in Sacramento. And you'll find a soda cooler bursting at the seams with over 80 types of bottled sodas - a huge selection of root beers, birch beers, colas, cream sodas, ginger ale/beer, fruity sodas and bizarre/wacky sodas.

In the Tasting Room you'll find a selection of housemade craft seltzer water, craft sodas/shrubs, locally produced craft ice cream & craft vegan gelato. You'll be able to enjoy these offerings as a bubbly and refreshing soda, as a float -or- refill your growler. What? Yep. That's right, you can bring in your own, or purchase a growler from us to be filled with your choice of seltzer, soda, or shrub.

Current Made In-House Soda & Shrub Syrups:

  • Super Smooth Ginger Beer

  • Super Spicy Ginger Beer

  • Real Deal Root Beer

  • Cascara Cola

  • Pomegranate-Pink Peppercorn Shrub

  • Pineapple-Nutmeg Shrub

  • Black Lime-Bay Leaf Shrub

  • Lemon-Jalapeno Shrub

  • Grapefruit Brulee Shrub

  • Mandarin-Elderflower Shrub*

  • Cranberry-Juniper Shrub*

  • Pear Ginger Shrub*

  • Grape-Clove Shrub*

  • Tart Cherry Cinnamon Shrub*

  • Strawberry Chipotle Shrub*

  • Blueberry Rosemary Shrub*

  • Classic Cream Soda*

  • Luckey’s Lemon Lime Soda*

  • Old Fashioned Orange Soda*

  • Sutter’s Sarsaparilla Soda*

* indicates a seasonal flavor which are available in The Tasting Room & Gift Shop on a seasonal basis. They are not available at our partner retailers. Though they are not listed online, you can call the shop or email at sales@burlybeverages.com to see if they are available for pick-up in store or for mailing.






2014 Del Paso Blvd            Sacramento, Ca 95815

*directly across from Prime Time Boxing*



We  11am-6pm

Th   11am-6pm

Fr   11am-6pm

Sa   12pm-4pm                                         


Our store front will occasionally be closed during our regularly scheduled hours as we are a small family business. Please check our website, social media, or call to confirm we are open if you are driving in to see us. We would hate to miss you and have your experience visiting the tasting room be anything less than sweet.


info@burlybeverages.com (for questions)

sales@burlybeverages.com (to purchase or for other sales questions)